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18Colors (Pink)
18Colors (Blue)
25Colors (Green)
25Colors (Purple)

Portable Premium Watercolor Paint Set With Brush

Ever wondered if you can get portable watercolor set that can fit even into your pocket? This sleek, compact and lightweight Portable Premium Watercolor Paint Set With Brush does an excellent job for creating awesome art-on-the-go for any pro or beginner as well. Due to its compactness, It is ideal for trips, hiking or even fast setup at home as well.


Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Illustration whatever your preference is you will get all the options for creating your perfect art. For a beginner it has 18 color set that is a perfect gift for a kid and for a pro artist, it has 42 color set to realise their creation. To make specific art we have most used color pallets like Blue, Pink, Green and Purple for those who need them.

The colors in Portable Premium Watercolor Paint Set With Brush are created from a concentrated dosage of fine ground pigments to provide premium quality color. Lovely vivid colors with multiple colors set to choose from will provide your thoughts with a new level of creativity and thus provides your art with a new direction. The features that make this a premium color set includes resistant to fading and discolouration from direct sunlight, easy to blend colors and quick to dry.

With each set, you will get 1 water fountain pen to create wonderful art. It is created in such a way that it has excellent water absorption and elasticity. Just fill the pen’s tube with water, mix in color and squeeze the handle as you create your stunning picture. For anyone that loves painting, you can gift them this unique and portable color set whether on birthdays, Christmas or any holiday. If you give this as a gift to any kid, they are going to love this!


Key Features:

  • Fade-proof, pigment rich and easy to blend colors to create an amazing painting and provides new possibilities of art wherever you are.
  • Portability at its best! Foldable design makes it even easier to carry and move around.
  • All the sets will have fountain refillable watercolor brush/pen to create any color of your choice to make your art come real.
  • Safe, non-toxic, odorless watercolor paints.


  • Painting Medium:  Glass,Canvas,Paper


  • 18 Color Set:  14.5cm X 5.3cm X 1.5cm / 5.7” X 2.9” X 0.6”
  • 25 Color Set:  16.4cm X 5.3cm X 1.8cm / 6.5” X 2.9” X 0.7”
  • 33 Color Set:  18cm X 5.3cm X 2.1cm / 7.1” X 2.9” X  0.8”
  • 42 Color Set:  19.6cm X 5.3cm X 2.5cm / 7.7” X 2.9” X 1”
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