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Watercolor Brush Pens Set

Whether you’re a letterer, artist or crafter, these watercolor pens truly deserve a spot in your fave pen case. The wonderfully water-soluble ink of the Watercolor Brush Pens Set will allow you to blend one color smoothly into the next, creating beautiful gradients. The convenient pen shape is also both intuitive to use, and easy to carry.

The sizable chunky build reminds us of the markers we used to create art with as kids, however there is nothing childish about their quality at all. This Watercolor Brush Pens Set are extraordinarily juicy and just lay down swaths of bright color with each stroke on your canvas. The soft brush tip will let you transition between thick, fat strokes and thin crisp lines without hesitation. This level of softness does mean that this brush pen take a bit of practice to handle, as is with other mediums, but they are definitely approachable and a real delight to use for all skill levels.

These watercolor pens have just enough water-solubility so it doesn’t just wash-out any of the color pigment it blends easily and can be layered and blended even after the ink dries. They are also typically more intense than traditional watercolors and may sometimes leave visible marker lines. But worry not because you can just as easily soften them up with water or leave them as is for a more vivid art piece.

Watercolor brush pens provide many features of traditional watercolor paints in a convenient and mess-free form. Just like your regular watercolors, they can be blended and spread with water. Unlike other watercolors including the traditional ones, you can toss these watercolor brush pens into a bag or case and be good to go. You also won’t need any extra space for trays and more tissues and clean-up will be just as simple as capping up the pens. This practicality feature makes them ideal for travel.

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