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Neon Pink Flamingo LED Night Light – USB Battery Operated Lamp

This night light spells out fun like nothing else. With a neon pink light emitting from its flamingo-shaped outline, this awesome lamp will sure make your nights a big hit!

The Neon Pink Flamingo LED Night Light – USB Battery Operated Lamp is a highly portable lamp that can either be powered by three AA batteries or a USB cable. Aside from using it at home as a night light and decoration, you can take it with you on trips and parties. If that isn’t cool enough, then we don’t know what is.

This LED night light is cost-effective and very efficient with just a 3V voltage rating. It emits a soft pink light that does not hurt the eyes even with kids so you can freely use it in your children’s bedroom both as decoration and a night light. Use it for your house parties and during holidays. It is a conversation starter that definitely stands out. It is available with and without a base holder. You can hang the neon lamp variant without the base holder since it comes with a screw/ hook hole at the back. Get your Neon Pink Flamingo LED Night Light – USB Battery Operated Lamp while they are in stock!

The Neon Pink Flamingo LED Night Light – USB Battery Operated Lamp will make an excellent gift for yourself and your loved ones. It has a soft glowing LED light that has a life of 50000 hours. It makes an excellent gift for children and your friends during special occasions. This great pink neon lamp works best as a bedside lamp, a tabletop ornament, or a hanging wall accent. There are endless possibilities for this very versatile USB and battery operated light.


  • Dimension:14 cm length x 2 cm width x 28.5 cm height
  • Material: Plastic
  • Installation: Wall Mount
  • Power Source: USB or 3 x AA Batteries (not included)