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Travel Toiletry Bag – Makeup Bag

During our travels, it feels good to keep our things organized because it’s convenient and hassle-free. But not all backpacks have enough compartments to keep all your toiletry accessories and cosmetics. And worse when you’re on for a bathroom visit when everything is scrambled and you cannot find what you’re looking for. We just have the perfect solution for that. The Travel Toiletry Bag is a personal organizer designed to keep all your essentials organized and make your bathroom trips stress-free. We continue to explore new and effective ways to refine and improve our products that’s why the design of this travel bag is the result of years spent perfecting it to make everyone’s life as convenient as it can be. Innovative side-zip storage pockets are even added for quick and easy access for your accessories.

The Travel Toiletry Bag will comfortably let you carry your favorite makeup and cosmetic products wherever you go. It’s designed with 17 different compartments not only for your toiletry accessories but also ideal to keep all your makeup and cosmetics organized. It’s very convenient and easy to use. When its time for bathroom trips, you can simply open the bag and hang it anywhere you like for easy access.  It has a small hanger clip attached and a special ‘O type’ zippers open from top to bottom to prevent your items from falling out. It is made of strong and lightweight polyester, water-resistant and machine washable, so no worries placing the bag next to water or getting stains from your makeups.


  • THOUGHTFUL ELEGANT DESIGN. 42 Travel’s toiletry bag has 17 COMPARTMENTS with useful dividers and elastic loops in each pocket that KEEP YOUR TOILETRIES FROM BEING A JUMBLED MESS – EVERYTHING IS EASY TO SEE & FIND, your personal belongings are extremely organized and upright during the trip.
  • HANGS FOR EASY ACCESS WITHOUT CLUTTERING UP THE COUNTERTOP. Our men & women’s toiletry bag has a sturdy metal hook with a long reach which GIVES MORE OPTIONS FOR HANGING unlike other toiletry bags with a small plastic hook. The special ‘O type’ zippers open from top to bottom and PREVENT STUFF FROM FALLING OUT.
  • SPACIOUS BUT COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT. The travel toiletry bag kit TAKES UP LESS ROOM IN YOUR SUITCASE BY COMPRESSING when it is only partially full. Will fit into carry-on luggage or backpacks. Perfect size to fit all your essentials in one bag WITHOUT BEING BULKY, which is important while traveling.
  • MAIN COMPARTMENT AND LARGE SIDE POCKETS are tall enough for full-size bottles – very useful for long-term trips. KEEP THINGS SUPER ORGANIZED with plenty of room on sides separate storage for the smaller stuff, cosmetic, makeup. Strong zippers which are easy to close and open will last you long.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRAVEL ACCESSORY AND FOR EVERYDAY USE. This versatile hanging toiletry bag for men and women YOU CAN USE AT HOME BATHROOM AND WHILE TRAVELING (by car, train, plane, when traveling short or long, business or weekend trips, vacation). It packs extremely well – fits all the “just in case” stuff. Holds everything together nicely – ALL IN ONE PLACE.
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