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Steam Hair Straightener – Flat Iron

When things get busy, sometimes you really don’t have the time to go to the hair salon, again and again, to fix your hair and keep the straight hair that you always wanted. With our Steam Hair Straightener – Flat Iron, hair straightening is now handy and you can do it by yourself without having to go to the salon every time! This hair straightener features 100% ceramic floating plates which radiate far-infrared heat, preserving moisture in the hair shaft. It helps make the hair softer and protects the hair cuticle from being damaged.

The Steam Hair Straightener – Flat Iron offers the best features that you are searching for in a straightening hot iron tool!  You will be amazed by how its premium ceramic plates and ionic technology smooth down ragged open hair cuticles. This product provides optimum straightness as the far-infrared technology distributes heat evenly across the hair shaft preventing heat damage to the outer layer of the hair. 

The design of this hair straightener ensures versatility of both curled and straight styles meanwhile providing you with the same silky, glossy results you expect from your professional hair salon.



  • Digital display, thermostat straight hair,
  • Wet and dry, with vent,
  • Ceramic glaze spraying technology, PTC heating film heating up fast,
  • Temperature display 100-230 degrees arbitrary adjustment,
  • Every 5 degrees a tune, boot temperature display 180 degrees,
  • Fever fast, 1 minute to reach your designated degree,
  • 60 minutes automatic shutdown function, the shutdown time can be automatically adjusted,
  • Using PA66 plastic, shell piano paint,
  • 360-degree rotating power cord anti-winding,
  • Plywood with a lock function to facilitate storage.


This product is a professional hair straightener and rapidly build shiny straight hair and modeling. Please allow 20 to 30 seconds of heating to reach at least 100° before using.