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Indoor Water Fountain – Small Landscape Fountain


Indoor Water Fountain – Small Landscape Fountain

A lovely indoor landscape fountain decoration for your home.

Introducing the Indoor Water Fountain – Small Landscape Fountain. This durable resin fountain is designed to look like a real rock waterfall. Add a dramatic feeling to your home,  living room, or work are with this wonderful   tabletop water fountain, it can be used indoor or outdoor. The water cascades over natural-looking rockery, to collect at the bottom, bringing the beauty of nature right to your home.

This indoor  waterfall  will leave you stunning. A beautiful collection item for nature lovers. It features an LED lights to set the mood enhancing the viewing experience and adding to the overall ambiance with the lights to illuminate the fountain at night. Also, The water in this tabletop  fountain  falls from a porcelain jar to get into the main reservoir.

The gentle movement of water over this tabletop fountain creates a soothing sound and a relaxing atmosphere that helps you feel at peace. The lights illuminate the fountain at night, enhancing the viewing experience.

This magnificent Indoor Water Fountain – Small Landscape Fountain is 100% handmade, made with eco-friendly materials. It is also used as a humidifier, don’t forget summer is coming, open the air conditioning, but first open this humidifier.

Product Features:

  • Water flows over natural-looking rockery, a dramatic accent piece for any decor
  • A natural humidifier for the home or office, gentle, soothing water sound helps in relaxation.
  • Enhancing the viewing experience and adding to the overall ambiance with the lights illuminate the fountain at night
  • Made of weather-resistant resin and fiberglass

Quick starter tips:

  • Make sure the fountain pump is properly immersed in water.
  • For the first time use, we recommend turn on the fountain first and when water starts running then place the crystal ball on top (this is to build water pressure and tension). No need to remove crystal ball after that.
  • Note that water pumps do not come with on/off switch.
  • All pumps are tested for quality assurance. If you hear pump noise then it is because the pump is not properly immersed in water (try putting in more water, refer to instructional manual) or not properly placed/laying flat inside the fountain (try place adjusting the pump slowly in the fountain until pump noise goes away completely).
  • Relax, enjoy and melt away the stress!


  • 18cm x 14cm x 21cm
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