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Silicone Care Neck Pad – Reusable Neck Wrinkle Tape

Wrinkles around your neck and searching for an easy & reliable solution, buy this Silicone Care Neck Pad & be worry-free!

The silicone care neck pad is a unique solution for your wrinkles around the neck. This Neck Wrinkle Pad is medically tested and made from medical grade tape the offers a considerable amount of decrease in the appearance of wrinkles around on your neck. It will tighten the skin to make you look younger gently and discreetly! Specially designed Silicone Care Neck Pad tighten the sin elasticity it looses with increasing age. The Silicone Care Neck Pad – Reusable Neck Wrinkle Tape offers a great solution to the wrinkles on the neck and it actually gives the result quite quickly!

Our neck is constantly in motion during the day. While at night, our sleeping positions often form visible wrinkles around the neck and face as well. Moreover, as the age increases, it is more visible to the eye. This Reusable Silicon Neck Wrinkle Tape does this job by tightening the skin and smooth out the visible wrinkles to make you look more younger. It also prevents the new appearances of wrinkles as well. The Silicone Care Neck Pad is quite easy to clean with water.

This Silicone care Neck Tape is completely safe as it is made from medical grade tape. It is reusable so will last for quite long. Silicone Care Neck Tape is also made quite durable as well. Due to medical grade silicone, you won’t see any rashes or irritation after using it. You can apply this tape as many time you wish, just keep in mind to use it for at least an hour.

You can wear this silicone care neck pad anytime even during sleep. You can apply it while you are watching tv, working at the office or in leisure reading a book. There is no specific time you need to invest in applying this intuitive silicone care neck tape!

Be worry-free and lose all your wrinkle around your neck today!

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin Silicone Material to provide you with the highest comfort and easy on your skin.
  • Purposefully designed for neck and intended to last for a longer period of time.
  • Super easy to clean with water and let it dry.
  • Prepared from 100% medical grade silicone and dermatologically tested for complete safety of your skin.
  • Apply id for at least one hour at a time and use as much as you like regularly.

Package Includes: 1x SILICONE CARE NECK PAD

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The goods are in excellent . Really remove the wrinkle.Thank you


Already tried. Really reduces wrinkles from the first time. Its works super fast. Really happy with this purchase.


Easy to use, does not cause discomfort. I'm going to use it and then I share the results. Thank you seller.


The parcel was not tracked. This really works. The thing is cool. Hit the size, i almost got my whole neck. Stuck perfectly, for the night did not fall off, did not interfere with sleep. In the morning, removing the slap found a stunningly smooth skin of the neck, and visually and to the touch. Thank you