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Clear Phone & Tablet Holder Shower Curtain With Pockets

If you are extremely addicted to your phones or tablets that it’s necessary to have it even in the shower, Get This Phone & Tablet Holder Shower Curtain!

Now you can enjoy your movies or any videos or images in the shower with this Clear Phone & Tablet Holder Shower Curtain With Pockets. Your device will not damage while you shower forever. Many of us these days are so addictive to phones or tablets that we want to receive calls, email or even enjoying favorite content in the shower as well. You can enjoy news, watch your favorite content or browse images only! With this 100% waterproof Shower Curtain, your devices will always be protected in the shower!

You can use this shower curtain inside all the curtains you may presently have. The material used to prepare this amazing Phone Holder Shower Curtain is durable PVC plastic so it doesn’t rust or have any aging effect and will last longer than any curtain you use. This Transparent Phone Holder Shower Curtain has 17 pockets to ensure your device will fit at your eye level!

The Phone & Tabet Holder Shower Curtain will work for any modern devices whether it may be your phone, tablet, portable gadgets, this pockets will hold them no matter what! You can enjoy watching videos, play with your devices or just listening to music. Now stop stressing about missing your important emails or news while you are in the shower and get this amazing Phone Holder Shower Curtain With Pockets. Your devices are completely safe!

Key Features:

  • Designed from durable PVC plastic material for complete transparency and durability.
  • This curtains can be used inside of all curtains.
  • Enjoy your favorite content, watch a movie or video or listening to music only.
  • This is 100% waterproof material so no worries with your high-end devices.
  • Comes with 17 pockets that ensures any modern device will fit at your eye level.
  • Fits any devices whether your phone with case or tablet or any electronic devices.

Key Specification:

  • Size: 180 x 180 cm (6 x 6 ft.)