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Magnetic False Eyelashes – Double Magnet Lashes

These False eyelashes are beauty accessories. Clearly, it is to sublimate the eyes that these false eyelashes were conceived. Here you have the best false eyelashes available on the market today. It is the many advantages of these false lashes that explain the effervescence of its use. Indeed, these false eyelashes double magnet do not work as the standard models. These individual eyelashes have been manufactured with the latest technologies in the field of beauty. These best eyelashes are therefore particularly aesthetic products, but above all easy to use. Always guaranteeing the beauty of the eyes in all circumstances, these best lashes offer a simple alternative to have a charcoal look!

Need to sublimate your eyes the most simply of the world? Turn to those best fake lashes! Indeed, these artificial eyelashes are beautiful and will perfectly meet your needs. These bottom eyelashes can be installed in no time at all. Be beautiful at all times with these cluster lashes! The mink eyelash extensions will give volume and especially length to your look. Unlike traditional false eyelash models, these false eyelashes do not require glue during application. Indeed, this model of eyelash extension is easily locked thanks to micromagnets.

To put these top lash eyelashes, there is nothing simpler. Simply hold the top of your lash before placing the first piece of the mink individual lashes. Before attacking the lower part, check that the upper part is stable. Then install the other piece of the eyelash adhesive duo on your lower lash and you’re done! You will be ready to amaze your surroundings with your eyes. Removing these lashes is even easier as you simply gently remove it with your fingers.


  • “Budge-proof”: Magnetic technology secures your magnetic eyelashes in place until you’re ready to remove them
  • Much better than eyelash extensions: No messy glues or adhesives required
  • Safe for everyday use: The magnetic fake eyelashes won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes
  • Ultra-lightweight: You may even forget you’re wearing false lashes

package contains:

  • 1x 2 pairs of Magnetic False Eyelashes – Double Magnet Lashes
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