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Kids Lion Jumpsuit Halloween Costume

Hear your kids roar with delight as they unbox their new costumes this Halloween!

Support your kids’ love for animals with the Kids Lion Jumpsuit Halloween Costume and start creating a generation that will genuinely prioritize taking care of the environment.

It is a well-known fact that lions are being hunted because of their fur, or simply just for fun. Its number is decreasing rapidly and animal conservation agencies are doing their best to save these helpless animals. But it is not enough. It is our responsibility to start building a generation that would love, protect, and take care of them. We can do it in small steps, like raising our kids’ awareness for starters. The Kids Lion Jumpsuit Halloween Costume can help you with this task.

Hit two birds with one stone by getting them the Kids Lion Jumpsuit Halloween Costume. Put the fun in learning and make this Halloween a memorable one. Put them in their favorite animal’s shoe (or rather fur) and let them feel the pride of becoming the king of the jungle. Do role plays and explain how important these animals are for the environment.

The jumpsuit is made from polyester cotton for the inner fabric that is comfortable and smooth to the touch. The outer fabric is then made of corduroy cloth. It has a zipper enclosure for easy wear access. It is super cozy, they can even wear it as a pajama. The cap part of the costume has resin eyes and a mane just right for a young lion. It may not be very realistic but imagine your kids looking like an adorable stuffed toy walking the streets on Halloween night. It will surely be the cutest thing you will ever see. You can dress up as an animal conservation advocate and follow the tiny lion around. How awesome is that?


The Kids Lion Jumpsuit Halloween Costume is available for children aged 1.5 to 7 years old. Just choose the one according to your kids’ height.

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