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Chrome Plated Bathtub Faucet – Hot and Cold Water Control

The perfect bathtub faucet is finally here. Well it’s not just a faucet, it comes with a shower too! And let’s not stop there. Best of all, it has dual control for hot and cold water!

If you’re looking into installing a new bathtub or bathroom fixture, the Chrome Plated Bathtub Faucet – Hot and Cold Water Control would definitely look divine as a new addition to your home. The chrome finish, dual water temperature control, a shower, and a built-in shower holder. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


The Chrome Plated Bathtub Faucet – Hot and Cold Water Control‘s classy design would surely fit any color scheme and theme. This excellent bathroom faucet is made mainly of brass and is chrome plated for maximum protection against corrosion. The two-handle faucet makes it easier to mix the hot and cold water. It is a little heavy with a weight of 782 grams. This is because we use high-quality metal for the base and not just plastic ones. The valve core material is made of heavy-duty ceramic, making it more durable with prolonged use of water with hot temperature. It is important to note though that it comes with G 1/2 thread/pipe fitting as shown below:

Toss out that old and outdated bathroom faucet of yours and get the new Chrome Plated Bathtub Faucet – Hot and Cold Water Control. Give in to that long overdue bathroom makeover that you have been longing to do since you saw that design in the magazine. This bathtub faucet will make all the difference since it has all the functions you need. Plus, you wouldn’t require additional drilling holes for a shower and a shower holder. It is all incorporated with our amazing bathtub faucet!

Package Includes: