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Inflatable Travel Pillow – Headrest Neck Pillow

This best pillow from cities dog is addressed to backpackers. Indeed, this best pillow for neck pain has been specially designed to enhance every trip. We are talking about a pillow model manufactured within the quality framework of the brand with all its know-how. The neck pillow support is U-shaped to adapt to the neck and neck support. Note that this travel pillow is an aesthetic and practical tool. In addition, the best neck pillow is available in several colors. The goal of the design of this flight pillow is a high level of comfort at all times!


Traveling is a pleasure, but it will be even more so with this travel cushion. You can use this sleep pillow on all your travels whether by car, train or plane. Part of the most comfortable pillow on the market today, this model will effectively protect your neck and neck from fatigue. Installing this shaped U neck pillow is very simple since you just need to put it on your neck and snuggle into your seat. The materials of manufacture of these good pillows guarantee its comfort of use.


What sets this best pillow for ferry apart is the fact that it is inflatable. Indeed, to use these best pillows, just inflate them. This will greatly facilitate the transport of these top pillows since they will not be bulky at all. This inflatable travel neck pillow weighs almost nothing since its total weight is 0.05 kg. Here, comfort also comes to the visual level since you have the possibility to choose the color of your back sleeper pillow. To match your look, choose between grey, blue or pink!



  • The lightweight and small size that convenient to carry out.
  • Can be used in home, hotel, car, office, airplane, etc.
  • Special “U” shape design that is according to the principle of ergonomics.
  • Perfectly for have a nap and keep healthy.
  • Can be folded which is easy to keep in drawer and bags, even in the pocket.

Package contains:

  • 1x Inflatable Pillow Headrest – U-shaped Portable Cushion
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