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Foldable 360 Degree Multi Layer Magic Clothes Hanger Organizer

Organize your closet with a multifunctional clothes hanger that doesn’t just accommodate one article of clothing, but eight. Yes, eight!

You would surely love the   Foldable 360 Degree Multi Layer Magic Clothes Hanger Organizer.  Gone are the days of multiple, messy hangers in the basket. Why? Because this awesome clothes hanger houses 8 individual hangers into one. And this is the only hanger you need from drying to storing. It can be spread out when drying clothes outside and can be folded when storing clothes in the closet. It is efficient, cost-effective, and innovative.


Made from high-quality plastic material, the  Foldable 360 Degree Multi Layer Magic Clothes Hanger Organizer  could hold adult clothing without deforming. Plus, each hanger is foldable also. Get it out of the way by folding it when not in use. It also rotates 360 degrees, which makes it easier to position in limited spaces. There are no extra buttons or latches needed to operate this magic hanger. It is mechanically designed to function with ease. Turn the hanger’s hook up and the hanger folds. Turn it upside down and the hanger spreads.


If you are a friend is a new homeowner, or a college student moving into a dorm, or just obsessed about organizing, the  Foldable 360 Degree Multi Layer Magic Clothes Hanger Organizer will be your best buddy. Get a couple of them and replace those old messy hangers. It is easy to use and very practical. We’re sure you experienced struggling to get the laundry in when it starts drizzling. With this amazing multi-layered hanger, pick up 8 clothes at once instead of getting the one by one. It’s doesn’t get any better than this.



  • Dimensions:
    • When Spread Out: 52.5 cm length x 42 cm width x 29 cm height
    • When folded: 18.5 cm width x 64 cm height
  • Material: Plastic


Package Includes:

  • 1 x   Foldable 360 Degree Multi Layer Magic Clothes Hanger Organizer
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