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Fastest 2019 Racer RC Boats

What could be better than high-tech toys? After all, technology is the ally of gamers of all ages. Here you have a high-speed Racing RC boat. This is an example in terms of power and handling. Certainly, this ft011 model is a toy. However, its performance and efficiency confuse it with models aimed at professionals in the field.  Every detail in the design of this product has been worked with care. It is therefore quite normal to have an item that will satisfy even the most difficult.

All the positive qualifiers are in line with this boat model. At first, this feilun ft011 is a particularly powerful model. The power that it owes above all to its high-speed brushless motor. Clearly, the motor delivers 14.8 V at 2200 mAh. Enough to guarantee long hours of entertainment.  In addition, the battery is rechargeable via electric mains. In all, you can reach up to 55 km/h with this model.

In addition to its power, the aesthetics are also there. Each material was chosen within this framework.  Of course, the aesthetics not only make this model pretty but contributes to its power. Thus, its professional torsion propeller boosts the power of the apparatus. For its very design bumper, it has above all a protective role.

Note that it is also practical and easy to use model.  Its numerous features greatly facilitate its handling and accentuate its maneuverability. Its special system resists disturbances making the device always very stable. It’s with his joystick that you’ll control him. Thanks to it, the boat will be able to go forward, backward, to the left and also to the right. Its automatic straightening function will save you a lot of trouble.


  • Various functions like forwarding/backward left and right turn, with righting function, can be easily controlled
  • 2.4G frequency technology can make it feature high ability to withstand disturbance
  • New design idea, original appearance, and exquisite execution
  • Integrated, safe and reliable water cooling system
  • New high-speed RC boat, speed up to 50 km per hour
  • High quality guaranteed stable performance

Package contains:

  • 1x Fastest 2019 Racer RC Boats