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Halloween Fairy Wings and Eye Mask

Do your little girls love fairies and butterflies? Do they like fairytales? you might like this one!

Halloween is just around the corner, and your little girl’s costume needs a little magic touch? Don’t worry, with these Halloween Fairy Wings and Eye Mask, your simple dress will turn into a fairytale princess dress in no time! These wings are an accessory with its special design that will make you look unique. To ensure that your appearance from that cocoon is truly remarkable, be sure that you show up with these fairy wings. This translucent cape fits at your back and around your fingers with elastic bands and drapes down into two fairy wings.  Each wing is symmetrically colored with a pink gradient from top to bottom that will have you looking and feeling truly magical. It also comes with a cute Pink eye mask to complete the look for extra magic and fun!

These Halloween Fairy Wings and Eye Mask are not only suitable for Halloween, but your little ones can wear them to Cosplay, school plays, birthday parties, themed parties, school talent shows, you name it! It makes such a great gift for your daughters, nieces, sisters, for their birthday, Chrismas, for a special occasion.

We tend to think that  Tinkerbell from  Peter Pan is the most beautiful fairy that ever existed, but with you around, things are about to change, take the crown and become the new queen of fairies with your new elegant Halloween Fairy Wings and Eye Mask.

Product details:

  • Elastic bands on the back to slide around your arms
  • Elastic bands on the ends of the wings to fit around your fingers
  • Hand wash, hang dry
  • Material:100% Polyester
  • The color of the cape: Pink Gradient
  • The color of the eye mask: Pink
  • Size: For ages 3 and up.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Fairy wings cape
  • 1 x Fairy mask