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Electric Bug Zapper – Best Mosquito Trap

Having a hard time sleeping because of the annoying mosquitoes around while you are trying to get some sleep at night? Who would have wanted to wake up with some red spots all over your skin? Definitely, no one! Then, it’s time to get yourself an Electric Bug Zapper – Best Mosquito Trap!

The Electric Bug Zapper – Best Mosquito Trap has a modern cover that uses curved design to enhance the ultraviolet rays and LED lights to entice the mosquito which all contribute to better killing effects. It also operates quite at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sweet sleep.  Enjoy having a wonderful time without any disturbance with this mosquito killer lamp. A very effective way of killing mosquitos  in a safe manner, no electronic noise, non-chemical, non-toxic and non-radioactive, 100% safe for humans and pets, an extremely environmentally friendly and cost-effective insect control solution.  

With this mosquito trap, it has 365nm bionic violet light wave enhances the attraction of mosquitoes through the human bionics technology, enabling precise mosquito trapping. It has a built-in streamlined 360-degree suction fan, and mosquitoes approaching the flight from any direction will be sucked into the insect trap, and died by the dehydration of air flow, very effective.  The bug zapper is also powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage. It can be connected with an adapter (included), power bank, or any device with a USB port. Ideal for indoor use, bedroom, study, washroom, camping tent, or other closed environments.

Known as the best mosquito trap, it has a DC 5V safe voltage (low power consumption) and the compact size of the USB power supply makes it easy to carry and can be used in bedrooms, halls, hotels, offices, travel, camping and any places where mosquitoes need to be killed. The mosquito trap can be powered by any USB device such as computers, laptops, mobile power, power strips, USB adapters, etc. 5V working voltage ensures safe to touch and energy saving. It also affixed with a detachable collection tray located at its base which can be easily removed for cleaning and bug disposal.  

The Electric Bug Zapper – Best Mosquito Trap has a built-in fan will continue to work once it is turned on. It doesn’t make loud noises to disturb your sleep. The 35 dB soundless fan is perfect for babies, toddlers, and pregnant people.


  • Effective Trap
    • Mosquito trap can release 365NM to 395NM varied light wave to lure mosquitoes in and kill them by the built-in big fan(mosquito will be air-dried then lose their life, effectively twice as other bug zappers indoor.
  • Safety and Environmental Protection
    • Physical mosquito control, no chemical, non-toxic, no smell. Safe children, pregnant women, elderly people, pets. 5V work voltage, power waterproof, touch safe, more energy-efficient.
  • Very simple and convenient to use
    • No more maintenance needed. It is very convenient everywhere you want.
  • Where to use:
    • Living room, bedroom, restaurant, hotel, office.
  • USB Power Supply
    • Can be connected to  computers, laptops, mobile power supplies, USB adapters, for your convenience
  • Package:
    • 1*Electric Bug Zapper
    • 1*USB Cable

Important Note: U se it 2 -3 hours before you or your family enter the room or tent. People are more attractive than mosquitoes lamp. It’s best to put it in the dark and closed place for better effect, and do not walk around next to it when using.   The decibel of the product is about 40. It will not disturb your child’s rest and sleep.