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Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer – Bonnet Dryer

Invest in your hair maintenance with new soft hood bonnet dryer attachment. Introducing the Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer. Made with waterproof material, nylon, High-density sewing, soft bonnet dryer is not easily damaged. The bonnet style hair dryer also features an Anti-insulation coating nylon material, safe to use, it won’t harm your hair or your skin.

This bonnet hair dryer has a larger hood capacity, which gives greater flexibility. Drawstring to tighten around the head. This Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils, and heat treatments.

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer – Bonnet Dryer has many ventilation holes for a faster heat distribution which makes the dry process much faster. The adjustable hat allows you to adjust the fit around your head size. You can also wear hair curlers and hair clips on your hair and put them in your hat, in addition to that the long hose design allows users to move freely.

The time taken will vary depending on hair type, length and thickness suggest time is 20 minutes. When dry, use the cool setting for 5 minutes or remove the Softhood and allow your hair to cool before removing your Curlformers for longer-lasting curls and waves

How to use the Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer – Bonnet Dryer?

  • After cleaning hair, evenly coated with hair treatment cream on your hair and make your hair wrapped in a towel
  • Wear the hair dryer bonnet hood, and connect and open the electric hair dryer for heating
  • After about 15-25 minute, When dry, Allow the hair to cool, remove our product and your molding equipment

How to wear the best bonnet hair dryer?

  • You can put on our hats directly, or you can clip on your hair clips and put on your hat (please leave your ears outside to avoid being burned with hot air)
  • Drawstring to tighten around the head(Elastic rope)
  • Button rope can be buckled under you chin keep the bonnet in place(button rope)
  • Elastic at the end of the tube holds the hood on the hairdryer. And use a rope to hang the hairdryer
  • Turn on your hair dryer, Enjoy this process

Product features:

  • Convert your hair dryer into a professional hair drying system.
  • Safe, comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Great for any hair treatments, deep conditioning, hot oils and more!
  • Safe to use, comfortable and convenient
  • The bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils, and heat treatments
  • Elastic at the end of tube holds the hood on the hair dryer
  • Drawstring to tighten around the head

Product details:

  • Bonnet size: Approx. 39cm x 24cm(D x H)/15.35”x 9.45”
  • Length: Approx. 100cm/39inch
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available colors: Silver or Pink
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