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Black Pearl Wax – Hair Removal Beans

Now waxing is easier and simpler with Black Pearl Wax – Hair Removal Beans! No need to use any strips or cloth with this. It will harden by itself and you can simply pull it off smoothly without needing any strips or cloths on top. You can remove unwanted hair from any part of the body like face, armpits or bikini areas and it works perfectly even on sensitive skin.


Black Pearl Wax – Hair Removal Beans is created in such a way that it smells lovely and soothes and revitalize your skin perfectly. You can remove hair from your body with a single pass most of the time. You can easily remove remaining little hair by applying the second time or with a tweezer. For removing hair from bikini line, this is an ideal wax treatment that you can apply and that too without spending a hefty price.

For thick or coarse hair this Black Pearl Wax – Hair Removal Beans is incredible and for thin or little hair it’s a such a piece of cake for this. Stop spending your hard earned money on hair removal treatment at the salon and get this Black Pearl Wax – Hair Removal Beans at such a budget-friendly price and most importantly you can do it yourself at home!


Now get this super bikini waxing technique before it’s out of stock!

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Key Features:

  • No need for any strips or cloths on top.
  • It does not require any pre-wax oil required.
  • You can not only apply to the bikini area but all areas of the body as well.
  • For strong, thick or stubborn hair, this will provide excellent grip while removing.
  • The intuitive formula of Hot Wax Pellets or Beans is used by so many women already HAPPILY!
  • You can easily heat the pearl or wax bean in a heater or wax melter.

How to apply : 

  • First of all, heat the wax beans or pearls in a heater or in a microwave by putting a glass bowl inside it. You can also use hot water and heat it up to a proper temperature.
  • Now apply it with a spatula and prepare a layer of wax on the required area of the body against the direction of hair growth. Just be careful wax is not too hot.
  • Allow a short period of time to cool it down and then holding the skin taut and remove the wax with strict action against the direction of hair growth.

Care instruction: 

  • Please keep away from children.
  • No need to use strips or cloths.
  • Don’t use if you are on skin medication treatment or have broken or irritated skin. If you have suffered any reaction to wax in past please don’t use.
  • Don’t apply it within 2 hours after a shower or sunbath.


  • Quantity: 100 Grams