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Hair Shaver

BackBlade Back Shaver – Back Razor – Do it Yourself Back Hair Removal

If you’re a lonely man with nobody else to help you to shave your own back, the BackBlade Back Shaver – Do it Yourself Back Hair Removal might be the one for you! The BackBlade Back Shaver is a back razor that has an extra long handle that allows you to shave your back all by yourself by simply looking into a series of mirrors. This durable back hair groomer is meant to be used by lonely people that really have no other option than to shave their back themselves. Plus this men’s back hair trimmer uses a high-quality blade that leaves your back silky smooth, rather than an electric clipper that would leave stubble. This is the best solution for how to shave back hair all by yourself!


  • Shave Wet or Dry! Our Unique Patent Approved Safety Blade Reduces Risk of Cutting
  • Ergonomic Design, Lightweight, Over 4″ Wide Safety Blade and No Shaving Cream Required
  • Gives a Smooth Sexy Look Versus a Clippers Trim
  • Allows a Full Extendable Reach Enabling even the Hardest Areas to be Reached
  • Also Great for Shaving Legs

How to use:

To use the extra long back shaver, position a series of mirrors (if needed) to get a good view of your back while you shave, then hold the back shaver with the teeth pointing towards your back and drag slowly over your hairy patches. The teeth on the shaver will grab and cut the hairs with no discomfort to you and the overall sensation is quite pleasant and will most likely make you purr like a walrus. To shave your lower back you can flip the razor so that it’s pointing the opposite direction and use in a similar way. It will probably take some time to get used to the way the tool works, but by the second or third back shaving session you should end up with back skin that’s as soft and smooth as baby skin.

Package Includes:

1 x BackBlade Back Shaver – Back Razor – Do it Yourself Back Hair Removal

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