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Baby Shower Cap

Children go through many phases as they grow up, however, one of the most baffling out of all for many parents is that when their little one just starts avoiding the shower all of a sudden. But if this is a sudden change for your kid, then there might be a reason for their bath refusal. They might have had an experience one time that made them fearful and scared. The water may have been too hot or too cold that made them uncomfortable. Or they experienced slipping or sliding a bit and it made them feel afraid. It could also be that they just hated that time when the water mixed with baby bath soap ran down their face and made them feel like they were drowning, now if that is the case, our Baby Shower Cap will do absolute wonders for you and your baby.

The Baby Shower Cap will help your child from getting water in their face when bathing. The baby shower visor is capable of protecting children’s eyes, shielding their ears and face from water, soap, and shampoo. It is easy to put on and your little tot will enjoy bathing with it. Not only is it a useful tool for mothers but it is also additional care for their babies. Our baby bath visor is parent-tested and is one of the best approach parents can take to help kids overcome this challenging stage.

Our bath visor for babies is made completely of EVA foam that is ultra-soft, elastic, comfortable, and flexible for your baby’s everyday use. It comes in different colors, pink, yellow, and blue so you can choose which color will be best for your baby’s style! The baby shower visor is also adjustable to suit the circumference of your baby’s head. This feature is extremely useful because not only will it fit your baby comfortably, it also means that even as they grow up they can still use the baby bath visor and not be fearful whenever they shower or bathe!



Package Includes:

  • 1 x Baby Shower Cap
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