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Portable Baby Beach Tent – Baby Pop Up Tent

Let your baby experience the joy of outdoor activities with maximum protection from the rays of sunlight. The Portable Baby Beach Tent – Baby Pop Up Tent is a great accessory you shouldn’t miss during your travels. This baby pop up tent comes very handy and won’t take too much of your luggage. Plus it’s very easy! The automatic pop up design makes it very convenient to use you’ll be able to set it up in just 10 seconds. You can maximize your time and enjoy the outdoors. The baby beach tent is safe and made from eco-friendly materials. Ideal for beach trips, picnics or just in the backyard of your home sweet home!

The Portable Baby Beach Tent – Baby Pop Up Tent can be used as a sunshade or a wading pool for your baby. It comes with a shiny surface that deflects the heat away from your baby and cuts the dangerous UV Rays by 80%. A large mesh window was designed to give good ventilation and allows continues airflow to keep your baby feeling cool even with the harsh sunlight. This UV tent for baby also comes with an optional wading pool at the bottom that’s perfect when you’re going to the beach. You can dig a hole in the sand and fill the wading pool with enough water and your baby can play in the water under the protection of the sunshade.

Enjoy the beach with your baby easily and hassle-free with the Portable Baby Beach Tent – Baby Pop Up Tent!


  • Made from good quality eco-friendly Nylon; so its baby-safe and waterproof.
  • Shiny surface to deflect the heat away from the baby.
    Cuts UV rays by 80%.
  • Tent comes with a wading pool at the bottom. So if you are at the beach you can dig a hole in the sand and fill the wading pool with water. Baby can play in the water under the protection of the shade. Or don’t dig a hole and use it as a normal tent. Ideal for picnics too.
  • Large Mesh Window provides Good Ventilation. Allows air flow and keeps baby cool and out of the harsh sunlight
  • Tent Dimensions: ~120cm (L) x ~80cm (W) x ~80cm (H)
  • Wadding Pool Dimensions: ~70cm x 55cm
  • Package Includes: One(1) Baby Beach Tent; One(1) Storage Bag; Four(4) —Pegs to secure to the ground.
  • Suitable for 6yrs old and below.
  • Package weight ~1.3 lb
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