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Are you fed up with typical hairstyle


Automatic Hair Braiding Machine – Hair Twister

Whether you’re getting ready for prom, a wedding, or you just want to look cute on a Friday night or you have that time where you just want to get your hair up off your neck, the perfect and most efficient way to do it is with our Automatic Hair Braiding Machine – Hair Twister. Here is a great way to create twisty braids with no muss or fuss! This hair braiding tool makes it easy to create beautiful twisty braids in seconds. Be fashionable and creative with easy twists and turns made into your own unique styles!

Have loads of fun by styling your own hair or your daughter’s hair with colorful and twisty braids and have an even more fabulous time showing off the finished product! The rotating motion creates trendy double or triple or even quadra strand braids with just a push of a button. You can even have ribbons woven into the braids to achieve a more unique and stylish look. All you need is a few hair ties, clips, ribbons, and our Automatic Hair Braiding Machine – Hair Twister to have beautifully made hair. It can also be the perfect gift to girls so they can have their own fun at slumber parties or girl’s night. Fun and fashionable for all ages!


How to Use Automatic Hair Braider

Select up to 4 strands of hair at a time. (You will need a minimum of 2 strands)
Comb each strand straight and places the end of each strand in the hair clasps at the end of each twirling pin. To open the hair clasp, press the clasp push upwards. Put the end of this strand at least 1/2″ through and then release it to hold the hair strand securely in place. Repeat for all the strands, with one strand per twirling pin only.
Now push the switch upward (towards “A”). The Twirling pins will turn, making the individual strands of hair twirl separately. Hold the unit away from the head with a bit of tension to make perfect, tight twirls all the way to the roots at the top.
Next, push the switch downwards (towards “B”). The twisting head will rotate allowing the strands of twirled hair to twist together, forming a perfect and uniform braid. ( Braid thickness depends on the amount of hair selected and a number of strands used.)
You may now carefully release the strands by pushing the clasp push, all the while firmly holding on the end of your braid.
Secure your braid in place with one of the rubber bands and then snap on one or more bead clips for a colorful finish!


    • Material: ABS + Electronic Components
    • Size: 25*10.5*7.5cm
    • Power: 2 X AA Battery (not included)

    Package Includes:

    • 1x Hairstyle Tool Braiding Machine,
    • 1 bag hair clip,
    • 1 bag hair rope
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    Thank you, all work! And present for a special thank you;)))


    Cool stuff, perfect for style in short time


    Goods consistent with the description, device doe work perfectly twists hair band and so hairstyle cool looking.


    smooth service and working as describe. and it was a good for a gift .


    The product arrived very fast, and is of quality nice, many thanks

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