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Accelerated Pest Killer – Home Pest Protection

Do you have issues with common pests as mosquitos, cockroaches, rodents, and flies around your house? No more wasting money with insecticides treatment, get the Accelerated Pest Killer – Home Pest Protection and protect yourself, children, family and, pets from unwanted pest setting in your home.

This home pest protection relies on a microprocessor that creates a force field in your home by sending ultrasonic soundwave & pulses that randomly creates digital sequences which prevent pests from hiding within the walls. and it does not affect your pet cat & dog.

The Accelerated Pest Killer – Home Pest Protection can work 24/7, so you will always be pest fee regardless of what time is it, and used in a house, warehouse, store, hotel, office, hospital …

  • Power- saver: Low power consumption 5W
  • Safe for children, family and, pets.
  • No expiration date.
  • Repel all unwanted pests.
  • Wide application: house, warehouse, store, hotel, office, hospital.
  • Effective area: up to 120 sq.m.
  • Size: Compact and small 8.5 cm x 5.6 cm

How does it protect you? 

  • The Ultrasonic Technology act upon the hearing & nervous system of mice and pests to make them uncomfortable and forced to leave your home