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Emitting Color
Touch Sensitive
Touch and Remote
7 Colors Change

3D Home Decoration – 7 Colors LED Bedroom Light

Are you a   bed  reader? Do you like nightstand lights or 3D lights? This LED night light is for you.

This 3D Home Decoration – 7 Colors LED Bedroom Light is amazing for art lovers, wine lovers, artistic people, and basically anybody who likes dim lights on their nightstand to read a book, feel less scared of the dark, or just for a cozy feel and vibe. This nightstand light is made of ABS material, you can choose the color you like by changing it with a switch button that is included to this package, you can use this LED lamp with 2 methods, a regular switch, or a USB switch.

T here are 7 colors available in this 3D Home Decoration – 7 Colors LED Bedroom Light:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Purple, White. You can fix to a certain color or 7 colors gradually change. The design of this LED lamp is a wine bottle, two wine glasses, and a bunch of grapes, the LED lamp is not  dimmable, you can switch between colors, or you can set it to change gradually.

This 3D Home Decoration – 7 Colors LED Bedroom Light is so suitable for cozy living rooms, bedrooms, dining area, or at a classic book corner. It gives you coziness, calmness, aesthetically pleasing environment, to read your favorite book under your favorite light color and just be peaceful and calm. The colors that this LED light lamp provides for you are Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Light Green.

Product details:

  • Power Source:  Dry Batteries, DC
  • Are Bulbs Included:  Yes
  • Power Generation:  Touch
  • Wattage:  0-5W
  • Voltage:  5V
  • Emitting Color:  7 colors
  • Shape:  Wineglass, Wine bottle, beverage
  • Material:  Acrylic + PC + electronics
  • Power Supply:  USB / Battery ( not included)
  • Base Holder Size: 87 x 87 x 42mm
  • Input Voltage:  5V USB or 3pcs AA battery ( batteries are not included)